About Leon Altman and his Critique
and Tweak Service

Leon Altman, Copy, Content and Conversion Expert

Leon Altman
Copy, Content and
Conversion Expert

Leon Altman has been critiquing and tweaking for over two decades, refining his process for transforming ordinary copy into high-converting machines. First as a copywriter, copy chief and creative director at top ad agencies, including Young&Rubicam, BBDO, Wunderman, and DDB/Needham, and creative director at theStreet.com. Clients included Time Magazine, Merrill Lynch, Times Mirror Magazines and Book Clubs, Met Life, and Coldwell Banker, among others.

Then he helped propel many successful campaigns as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant on projects for companies such as IBM, Citibank, McKesson, Pfizer, Wyeth, Autodesk, MacWorld Expo, and numerous publishers, small businesses, coaches, consultants, service professionals, and online marketers. Many of his direct response campaigns have beaten the control (achieved a better response/ sales than the previous best sales letter). The campaign he wrote for IBM is a case study in the textbook “Integrated Direct Marketing” (Wiley Press).

Discovery of the Critique and Tweak process

“As a copy chief, I was entrusted with making the copywriters I supervised better, as well as improving individual copy projects. I noticed that a particular process of focused, concrete critiques, combined with helpful tweaks - suggestions for improving copy and ideas- achieved the best results. I called it my Critique and Tweak process”.

Over the years, Leon kept refining his critique and tweak process. It proved particularly effective and useful for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service professionals. People who desperately needed copy that works but couldn’t afford Leon’s copywriting fees.

“I noticed that often the best lines come from the business owner. Only they are not aware of it. It gets lost in meandering thoughts and sentences. And in helping these business owners reshape their copy it often resulted in profit-pulling copy and smart brand-building (it is rare that a freelance copywriter can capture an entrepreneur’s unique voice and personality- essential elements in standing above the competition).”

While offering critiques and tweaks,and coaching and consulting services, Leon continues to enjoy living in his home town of NYC. He can often be seen with his laptop and iPad at his local Starbucks.