How to easily boost the response of your product launch emails, salespage and squeeze page without hiring an expensive copywriter to write them

Experienced marketers pay $15,000 to $20,000 and more for a top copywriter to write
their product launch. (Here’s why you won’t need to and still get great results)

It does seem like a lot of money, doesn’t it? But when you look at how much money can be made on a successful product launch, and how it can propel a business further and faster than just about any other way - you can see why it’s worth it.

Gold in box

Big players often hand over a king's ransom to entice a top copywriters to write their product launch

Still, it’s a lot money!

And it might be too much for you. So maybe you look for a “good enough” copywriter. But the fact is, they charge almost as much and the results are not as good.

Or you try writing it yourself. After all you can write - right?

Well, that rarely works out.

But here’s a different solution:

Get a topnotch copywriter for your product launch without paying for him to write it

My name is Leon Altman. I’ve been considered a topnotch copywriter for decades. In fact I was one of the lead copywriters on one the biggest financial product launch ever - iShares. I was the copywriter on a big product launch for IBM. Helped launch Streetwise Reports which became a multimillion dollar newsletter empire. And I’ve also written copy and coached many entrepreneurs and small businesses on to successful product launches.

I realize my copywriting services may be too expensive for your budget. But I have a special service that will enable you to get my help in writing the key components of your product launch to make it a success.

You see, as a creative director and copy chief at top ad agencies for many years, much of my job was critiquing copy and making suggestions to boost response and sales I developed a system, I call Critique & Tweak to help the copywriters I supervised produce top converting salesletters and emails.

I applied my Critique & Tweak process to business owners and marketers, helping them transform their own copy to get higher response rates and more sales.

And it’s been working like gangbusters - on product launches as well as other campaigns. It’s been helping marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants achieve much higher ROI for their copy without paying for topnotch writer.

Take a look at some of the testimonials on this page.

The best copy often comes from the product creator

One thing I’ve discovered through many years of working with clients: Some of the best copy comes from the product owner. Only they don’t know it. They don’t know where to find it. They write an email or a sales letter, and the big idea . . . the killer phrase . . . the compelling words, are buried inside meandering thoughts.

The good stuff is in there because no one knows the product like the product creator. They also have a distinctive voice, a singular personality. But like the killer phrase they miss, they don’t know how to find the distinctive personality. And it’s all lost in disconnected words and ideas that don’t add up.

But as a long-time copy chief and creative director, I know where to look. I know how to make copy more persuasive and compelling. And how to tease out the unique voice and personality from the entrepreneur. So you not only get higher response and more sales, you also make a stronger connection with your prospects which leads to a stronger and bigger business. And that’s what I do with my critiques and tweaks.

The process works with all kinds of product launches, including:

  • The classic Jeff Walker launch with 3-4 pre-launch content videos leading to a salespage
  • Seed launches
  • JV launches
  • Launches leading straight to a webinar and telesminar
  • External and internal launches

I’ve worked on just about every type of launch. And I know how much your launch means to you. Even for experienced marketers, a new launch is filled with strong emotions, hopes, and plans. And for those who are going through their first or second launch, well, it can feel like your entire business is on the line.

That’s why I take your product launch so seriously. I know what it means to you. And I know my critique and tweak service can make is so much better. Even one tweak - if it’s the right one - can turn a launch into a successful business filled with ideal clients.

Here’s how my Critique & Tweak process works:

  1. Send me an outline of your product launch (e.g. send an email to internal list> register for webinar> pre-event emails, etc., etc. ) and a description of your product. The key features and benefits. Your main target audience.
  2. If needed, I'll provide you with templates for emails, squeeze page and sales page)
  3. Write your draft of emails, squeeze page and sales page (or salesletter video) and send it to me.
  4. Critiques

    I'll give you specific recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the copy

    I will analyze and critique your draft. I'll mark up your draft with my comments, edits and suggested revisions. I’ll also record an audio of my critique and tweaks. I’ll explain what works, what doesn’t and recommend changes to make it better and more powerful to boost response and sales.
  5. Make your changes and send them back to me.
  6. I will review your tweaks and may suggest additional revisions.

The product launch copy Critique&Tweak includes up to 18 product launch emails, a squeeze page and a salespage (and/or salesletter video).

Limited availability

Since I give personal attention to each critique and tweak there is limited availability at any one time. If you want to a critique and tweak for an upcoming product launch, don’t wait. Reserve your slot now.

The fee is only $1,500 for a product launch Critique & Tweak. Compare that to $10,000 or more to hire a top copywriter to write an entire product launch for you.

To reserve a Critique and Tweak just fill out the form below. In the comment section, put the kind of critique you want (e.g. product launch) and any other comments.

If there is no current availability I will put you on the waiting list. Otherwise, I will send you an email with a link to payment and instructions to get started.

I look forward to working with you!

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