Does your website pass the “buy-ability” test?

Doesn’t matter if your business is all online or all offline - or a mix. Almost all potential buyers now go to your website to check you out before buying. Ask the auto industry. Studies discovered that almost all buyers at a dealership first went to the web to do research before their purchase.

Happens in every industry. Before they buy they come to your website to check out your business.

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Prospects check out your website to assess your credibility and buy-ability

The first thing potential buyers are looking for is credibility. Are you credible? Is your business real? Do you have the background and expertise to offer what they need or to lead them to the right solutions?

If they believe you are credible, they then check out your buyability. It’s about what you say about your products and services and how you say it? Do you understand their problem? Do you address their problems and desires in an authentic way? Is what you say convincing?

There are a number of key pages that build your “buyability.” First, of course is your home page. It’s often the first page they see – the front door. Prospects will decide very quickly if they want to “step into” your website.

Then your “about” page. Here’s where you have to make the case about your credibility.

Then your pre-sell product or service descriptions. These pre-sell pages can make an enormous difference in your conversion rates.

Then if you have a blog or articles - your first post or two are extremely important. Do you seem like an authority- someone with something new and interesting to say?

So there are about 5 pages that will enable you to pass through the buyability threshold.

Would you like to make these key pages better? Here’s how you can increase your buyability without paying fortune for a top copywriter.

Check out my critique and tweak service for websites.

I'll critique up to 5 pages (not including your sales page or squeeze page). I’ll also suggest tweaks - make concrete recommendations to make it better. In addition to the writing on those pages I will comment on your web strategy:

Is there a progression so your buyabilty increases as they go through the key pages?

Do these pages lead the prospect along a path of growing trust on through a sales conversion funnel?

With my Critique and Tweak Service for websites you can greatly increase the ROI of your website for a fraction of what it would cost to get a top copywriter to write the pages.

I’ve been critiquing and tweaking web pages for decades. For many years I was copy chief, creative director at big ad agencies. I was creative director of…and have worked on improving the websites of countless entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You can check some of the testimonials some have to do with squeeze pages. Others with websites and blogs. And you’ll see my Critique and Tweak method gets better results for just about any kind of business.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Send me urls of your 5 key pages – or if you don’t have copy yet for those 5 pages, then send me drafts of what you have. Also send me a description of your business, your products, what you sell, the unique benefits, the basic tone or personality you are trying to project.

    I'll give you specific recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the copy

    I will analyze and critique the copy on the 5 key pages (or your drafts).
  3. I’ll send you an audio of my critique and tweak, along with screenshots, text comments and video as needed. I'll show you what works, what doesn't, and recommend tweaks and changes to make it better and more powerful to boost response and sales. Make your changes and send them back to me.
  4. I will review your tweaks and may suggest additional revisions.

So you get my personal guidance on improving those 5 critical webpages. The buyability of your website will increase exponentially. More leads will turn into hot prospects, and more prospects will turn into buyers.

It’s been said that your website is the new business card. It’s more than that. It’s your brand, it’s where prospects can find you, and it’s where they will go before they buy anything from you.

If you think it’s worth increasing the buyability of your website, then reserve a spot for my critique and tweak.

The fee is only $750 for a website Critique & Tweak of up to 5 pages.

A Critique & Tweak requires personal attention from me. So there are only a limited number of slots available at any time. To reserve a Critique and Tweak just fill out the form below. In the comment section, put the kind of critique you want (e.g. product launch) and any other comments.

If there is currently no availability I will put you on the waiting list. Otherwise, I will send you an email with a link to payment and instructions to get started.

I look forward to working with you!

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